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♥ A Petal Perfect Mother’s Day ♥


Planning the perfect Mother’s day party can be a lot of hard work, but a lot of fun. Whether it’s choosing a theme your mother will love, or making her favorite treat, make sure it’s all about Mom. We’ll show you how to plan the petal perfect Mother’s Day brunch for the mom who loves flowers.


Start by adorning your tables in floral, pastel, or lace tablecloths. These will help set a super feminine atmosphere in the room. Choose flatware and dishware that will pop on the tablecloth you selected. Make sure that everything looks crisp, clean, and stylish. Next, opt for a beautiful centerpiece. Our choice is the Garden Rhapsody Centerpiece. Its silver bowl gives it a very elegant look, and makes it a great focal point for a beautifully set table. A brunch can’t be perfect without mimosas, So put that champagne on display. Place the unopened bottle in a decorative ice bucket and top with flower ice cubes.

How to Make Flower Ice Cubes

Flower Ice cubes are a great way to bring color and freshness to any occasion. You can make these with edible flowers or rose petals. We recommend petals from our Make Me Blush bouquet.

  1. Start with a large cube, silicone ice tray. The larger cubes will allow the ice to last longer, and silicone material will help you remove the ice from the tray without breaking it.
  2. Place your edible flowers or rose petals face down in the tray and fill it one quarter of the way with water. Freeze. Note: For crystal clear ice cubes start with distilled water. Boil and let cool, then fill trays.
  3. Once frozen remove the trays from freezer, add another layer of flowers and fill half way with water. Freeze.Note: For cubes that are full of flowers make sure to layer the water in this method. For cubes with one beautiful flower fill to the top after second layer.
  4. Repeat these steps until ice tray is full and frozen solid.

Flower ice cubes can be used as a decorative note for your champagne bottle, or they can be placed and enjoyed in clear drinks. Be sure to only use edible flowers in cubes going in drinks.


Making your Mother’s Day petal perfect requires a menu of floral inspired items. If you’ve sprung for the edible flowers be ready to use them again. If not make sure you have a flower shaped cookie cutter on hand. Each of these items can be made ahead to save time the day of brunch. Use one of our suggestions or find your own flower inspired recipes to start the party.

If this isn’t enough petal power to leave Mom smiling for days, give her the gift of a bouquet all her own. Show our Mother’s Day selection and choose a bouquet Mom would love to take home. Dress it up and make it extra special by adding balloons, chocolates, and a teddy bear. No matter what gift you give her, your Mother will love you every day of your life. Happy planning!

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