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♥ Celebrate Their Graduation in Style ♥


Graduation is a milestone for both you and your child that deserves to be commemorated in a big, loud, and fun way.

The easiest way to dress up your graduation is with bright, beautiful flowers. Flowers can put a smile on anyone’s face, and they photograph well! We happen to offer a wide array of fresh and festive bouquets that can be customized with ribbons and blooms to coordinate with your child’s school colors. For added pizzazz, don a matching floral wristlet or pin an eye-catching corsage to that flat slate gown.

What do graduation ceremonies and styles look like in other countries? Let’s take a look...

  • Japan: Japanese students wear their school uniforms to their graduations, which already happened this year in March, prior to their new school year beginning. During the ceremonies, the students march and sing in unison to their coming success.
  • Philippines: The Philippines have a tradition we can get behind: each graduating student receives a lei! Even better, many also choose to wear corsages to the ceremony.
  • China: Recently many of the common graduation traditions in China have gone out the window. Today, many Chinese women chose to wear rented wedding dresses rather than a cap and gown.
  • Sweden: The Swedes show off their unique style by wearing sea captain hats and sashes to their graduations. And in case your kid starts complaining about how embarrassing you are, let them know that in Sweden it’s common practice for the parents to hold up signs with the child’s blown-up baby photos during the ceremony.
  • Russia: For a ceremony called “The Last Bell,” Russian girls don outfits akin to the stereotypical maid outfit: black dresses with white aprons.
  • Argentina: The Argentinian graduate’s main style concern is likely: do I mind getting this stained? In Argentina, recent graduates are pelted with sticky foods such as syrup and ketchup (to encourage them to move out of their parent’s house faster we presume?).
  • Italy: Maybe not surprisingly, Italy also has a food-steeped graduation: the students wear costumes while their “well-wishers” haze them by throwing food and drinks on them.
  • Norway: Norwegians basically spend their last month of high school celebrating their graduation. During celebrations known as ‘russefering,’ Norwegians strap on brightly covered overalls and take the streets with signs, noisemakers, and lots of booze.

At Richardson’s Flowers, we can help you add unique style to graduation day with personalized bouquets, wristlets and corsages, along with customizable centerpieces for the grad party. And if you can’t attend the ceremony in person, Richardson’s Flowers can deliver any of these gifts straight to the graduate’s door!

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