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♥ DIY Bath Salts from Your Richardson’s Valentine’s Day Bouquet ♥


While the holiday season is known as the season of lights, early February should be known as the season of love. With couples planning the perfect romantic getaways, and purchasing gifts to show the world how much they love their significant other, chocolates, teddy bears, and of course flowers, become the star of this season. Hundreds of people are ordering their bouquets for the spectacular event, (with the smartest of them ordering from Richardson’s Pre-sale selection, and getting 15% off orders placed before the 5th). But what happens to those bouquets, and all the romance, once the candles burn down and the clock strikes midnight? Save your beautiful bouquet and turn it into something special for another night of romance after February 14th. A DIY floral bath salt serves as the base for a romantic night in. Plan the perfect meal, and serve dessert on a floating platter.

DIY Floral Bath Salts


  • 2 cups salt blend (Pink Himilayan, Epsom)
  • Essential oils
  • 2 teaspoons carrier oil (i.e. coconut, jojoba or almond)
  • Dried flowers

  1. Dry your flowers.
    When you’re finished admiring and displaying your beautiful Valentine’s Day arrangement, tie the flowers together and hang them upside down in a cool dry place. Once the flowers have dried completely, you’re ready for step two.
  2. Choose your salts.
    Your main ingredients are your salts. Using an array of salts adds texture to your mixture and is aesthetically pleasing. We recommend using Pink Himalayan salt, and Epsom salt.
  3. Choose your essential oils.
    You can choose one oil or a few that create a scent profile that you love. For a floral sweet scent try a mixture of rose, sweet-orange, and jasmine. For a more herbal scent, try chamomile with peppermint, or rosemary.
  4. Choose your carrier oil.
    A carrier oil is completely optional, but it adds an extra moisturizing benefit to your salt. It will help leave your skin soft and supple after your relaxing soak.
  5. Stir.
    Combine all of your ingredients and stir vigorously in a bowl with a spoon and fork. Be sure to work through any large clumps of oil. Once all the oil and and petals are mixed through evenly, transfer the dry mix to a glass case that seals tightly. For a bit of extra love sprinkle any remaining flower pieces on top before closing.
  6. Make it your own.
    Decorate and label your container anyway you see fit. Paint your jar with chalkboard paint and write the name of your special salt, or tie with a simple classic bow. Make it personal for you and your special someone.
  7. Enjoy your Romantic night in! 

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