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   May, 2014

   With so many reasons to celebrate this month, we’re excited to welcome May!

   "The world's favorite season is the spring. All things seem possible in May,” wrote naturalist Edwin       Way Teale, and we couldn’t agree more.

From May Day gifts for friends and neighbors to loving tributes to mom and beautiful remembrances for Memorial Day, we have a multitude of options to fill all your floral and gift needs throughout the month.

Ranunculuses, peonies, tulips, delphiniums and other gorgeous blooms are wonderful in-season choices.

Be sure to call or come by soon to order for Mother’s Day. We can deliver early so she has even more time to enjoy her lovely gift.

Tell us her favorite colors or blooms, and we can craft a custom arrangement that will make her heart swell. For those unsure just what to choose, we have a wide assortment of designs that will appeal to moms of all different tastes and styles. Our expert staff will help you choose the perfect one!

We hope you find time to celebrate this gorgeous month of May – pick up a new flower arrangement or decorative item for yourself for a springtime lift!

Dianne & Staff

The Merry, Flower-Filled Month of May

May is ripe with gorgeous blooms and multiple opportunities to enjoy and share them with our friends and loved ones.

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Know your floral lingo  design basics

Floral designers have their own unique language and terminology. But you too can be a behind-the-scenes expert  and talk shop like a pro  with this handy dictionary.

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Colombia: Land of Flowers

From a small country in South America comes more than 60 percent of the flowers imported into the United States. Colombia is the top supplier of flowers to North America.

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Cut Flower: Ranunculus

Nicknamed the buttercup, or Persian buttercup, the Ranunculus (ran-NUN-cue-lus) blossom is a lush, cup-shaped flower with densely layered petals that resembles a small peony.

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Make May a month filled with flowers.

Thursday, May 1, May Day: Pick up a posy to leave at your neighbor’s doorstep today.

Sunday, May 4, Teacher Appreciation Week starts: A small plant or gift shows your heartfelt appreciation.

Sunday, May 4, Star Wars Day: May the Fourth (Force) Be With You!

Monday, May 5, Cinco de Mayo:
Stock up on colorful blooms to create a fiesta in your home.

Tuesday, May 6, National Nurses Day: Brighten your favorite nurse’s day with a fresh bouquet.

Sunday, May 11, Mother’s Day:
We make ordering for mom easy. Call or stop by today.

Monday, May 12, National Small Business Week starts: We appreciate your support of local small businesses like us!

Monday, May 26, Memorial Day: Whether you need cemetery flowers or patriotic plants, we can help you honor this holiday.

Floral Expert

How can I keep my flower arrangement looking great for as long as possible?

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