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♥ Sweet Summer Sunflowers: History and Meaning ♥


Sunflowers never go out of season in our shop. With their bright, sunny colors, they’re simply heart-warming! And since we’re going sunflower-crazy over here, we want to share an ode to this summer season favorite.

The Meaning of Sunflowers

Large to small, red to yellow, sunflowers of all shapes and colors signify loyalty, adoration and longevity. These happy blooms mirror the sun the adore so much, and often appear to “bow” and show both respect and faithfulness. They’re also known as “happy flowers,” and are the gift of choice for third wedding anniversaries.

A History of Sunflowers

For centuries, sunflowers have been cultivated as an important source of food, offering both physical and visual nourishment. In Native American Cultures, sunflowers represented “bounty” by providing seeds, oil, and pedals (used for dye) for harvesters. Their pulp from their stalks could also be ground and turned into paper.

In Greek mythology, Apollo – that handsome god of the sun – was the subject of adoration of a nymph who sat and gazed at him every day. Eventually, the gods took pity on her and turned that nymph into a sunflower, which is why sunflowers always appear to be yearning for the sun. Kind of sweet, isn’t it?

Another folk legend: if you fall asleep with a sunflower seed under your pillow, you’ll discover the answer for something you wish to know. Worth a try!

Fun Facts About Sunflowers

  • The sunflower is also the state flower of Kansas.
  • A sunflower can grow to 8-12 feet tall!
  • Sunflower centers are actually made up of thousands of tiny flowers, which then grow into seeds.

If you’re as mesmerized with sunflowers as we are, come by the store or browse our sunflower arrangements online. We’ve got stems in stock with blossoms the size of your head – no kidding! Send a smile to straight to someone’s door, or grab some for yourself and we’ll help you celebrate the season the freshest way we know how.

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