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♥ The Lovely Easter Lily ♥


The Easter season is denoted by pure whites, bright yellows, sweet treats, and new beginnings. Families all over the nation, and world, come together to spend Easter Sunday eating and rejoicing in the traditional meaning of the holiday. One especially beautiful icon of the season is the Easter Lily.

The History of the Lily

The story of how the lilies got to the United states. In one version, World War I soldier Louis Houghton brought the flower back to the southern coast of Oregon. He’s said to have distributed an entire suitcase of bulbs to his family and friends. Another story states that in the 1880’s a woman traveling in Bermuda was moved by the beauty of the flowers. She brought bulbs back to to Philadelphia and gave a few to her local florist. He then cultivated them and distributed them amongst his peers. Although which story is true is unclear, why we choose such a beautiful flower at Easter is easily explained.

The lovely white blooms of the Easter Lily have come to be associated with purity, hope, life, and the promise of Spring. They also carry a greater meaning in the traditional sentiment of Easter. Mentioned in the bible many times, lilies are seen as a blessed flower. During the Easter season, churches adorn their alter with the flowers to signify the resurrection of Jesus Christ. But while many enjoy and cherish the beloved flower during the Easter season, it naturally blooms and thrives in the mid-summer months.

Caring for Your Lily

With proper care and attention your potted Easter Lily can thrive long enough to be planted in the summer months. Potted Easter Lilies prefer a cool temperature around 65 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and a slightly cooler temperature at night. They do not like drafts from doors or exposure to excessive heat or dry air. Be sure to keep them away from air ducts and fire places.

When given as a gift potted Easter Lilies tend to come in decorative foil, paper, plastic or mesh sleeves. Removing this decoration is essential in ensuring the plant doesn’t get over watered. Allowing the lilies to remain in any standing water can be fatal. The soil should be moderately moist.

While indoors, keep your Easter Lily in a spot with great, indirect, natural sunlight. Direct sunlight may cause the plant to burn when it’s not yet ready to be planted. In late May or early June your potted plant should be ready for the outdoors. Plant in the garden in a sunny spot, and shade the roots with mulch to get the best results and most beautiful flowers.

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