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♥ The Real Meaning of Your Wedding Flowers ♥


When it comes to choosing wedding flowers, most brides pick their blooms according to color and theme, but in the Victorian Age, flowers carried special significance. A single bloom could indicate true love, friendship, or even a secret affair. While people generally don’t pay much attention to the symbolism of flowers anymore, thinking about their meanings adds another layer of depth and romance to an already stunning bouquet.


Symbolizing childhood innocence and joy, these wildflowers are perfect for spring weddings. While they only last a day or two after being cut, their beauty will live on in your gorgeous wedding photos.


These lively flowers symbolize pure love. With slight ruffles, they’re a good match for vintage themed weddings. The fact that they’re affordable is another plus, making them perfect for a variety of floral decorations beyond your bouquet.


Due to their great beauty, hydrangeas originally symbolized vanity, but many people now interpret them as representing understanding. Their large blooms are valuable in helping to fill out arrangements.


Lilacs are an ideal wedding flower as they carry several different meanings including first love, heavenly emotions, and divine grace. While local lilacs are only available in the spring, French lilacs can be imported for bouquets year-round.


Symbolizing purity of soul, lilies are most easily obtained for summer weddings, but they can be imported during other seasons.


WIth their blushing shades of pink, it’s no wonder peonies were originally used to symbolize bashfulness. Today, their delicate color makes them a perfect complement to bouquets, centerpieces, and arrangements.


While tulips can sometimes symbolize inconsistency, they also stand for the most passionate love. They are beautiful, affordable, and versatile, working well in bouquets, boutonnieres, and table arrangements.

Not only do flowers themselves have strong meanings, they may send different messages depending on their colors and which flowers they’re accompanied by. For example, a single red rose indicates beauty, while a white rose indicates silence. If combined, the two roses symbolize a passionate heart.

If you’re not sure which beautiful flowers will convey the exact meaning you’re looking for, let our knowledgeable florists help you choose. At Richardson’s, we consider the flowers, the occasion, and the individual to pick the best bouquet for you. If you’re not interested in a custom bouquet, choose from popular arrangements like Lily Sunshine or Graceful Tulips.

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